Since the Daughters of Mary and Joseph came in Burundi in 1930 as Missionaries, they served the Church and the Country in the education, Catechism, health and in social work sectors.  Their first place of mission was in the North of Burundi especially in the Diocese of Ngozi and Muyinga. In Burundi, DMJ are mainly known as educators and they continue to apply their Charism of “Being instruments of Mercy to the poor, marginalized and those in need”.

 Daughters of Mary and Joseph in Burundi, they are highly appreciated by the Church and the Nation for their contribution in the Church and Country at large as they served the people of God without discrimination of faith.
For many years, the Daughters of Mary and Joseph have run their institutions very well and with diligently. This can be  seen through the many good ladies who passed into their hands and who received a good education through them and some of them whom have become DMJ associates.