Vocation-A call to religious life...

There is little doubt that religious orders in the United States have been in transition over the last 40+ years. They have examined every aspect of their lives: their prayer, work, dress, daily horarium, relationships with one another, the church and society.
In looking at Religious Life today, two challenges must be borne in mind: the concept of vocation and the importance of charism. Vocation-the mystery of call and response-implies that we are here for a reason, for a meaning, not completely of our own making.Our purpose, our reason for being here at this time and in this place, in this body with this identity, is bound to a call beyond us, a call from the ultimate mystery of mysteries, our God.
And what is meant by charism? Religious orders are groups of men or women who have come together because of the inspiration of a person (their founder or foundress) who had a gift for understanding the Gospel of Jesus in a specific way and responding to a particular need within the church or society. Some describe charism as "energy," in that charism is the energy that inspires and gives life to a particular order. Our identity is found in our charism. The charism of an order does not change. What changes is our response that is shaped by the needs of today's world.How does one know if she is being called to be a Daughter of Mary and Joseph?
If you want to learn more about vocation, charism or about being a member of the Daughters of Mary and Joseph, please contact the Vocation Directress:

Sr. Teresa Groth, DMJ
Daughters of Mary and Joseph
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