Our Founder, Canon Constant William Van Crombrugghe was a man of deep spirituality and of action.  He was influenced by his teachers, The Fathers of the Faith whose spirituality was Ignatian.  He was also influenced by Franciscans, by the times he lived in and the needs of the world he saw around him.  He passed on much to the Congregations he founded, the Daughters of Mary and Joseph, The Josephites, The Sisters of Mary and Joseph and The Sisters of St. Joseph.  You can find his writings and letters on our archives site.

Today, our world is characterised by masses of people to whom society says: "There is no place for you here", People who are not allowed to claim their rightful place in society, those who are displaced and not welcome.
We recognise that this reality also finds expression within and among ourselves.

Be there for the Whole Church...
We, the Daughters of Mary and Joseph are called to make room in our hearts for each person and to address our personal and corporate biases and prejudices. in this way we live out more fully our charism of compassion, in whatever we do, be it pastoral ministry, spiritual ministry health care or education.
All talents and gifts can be used.

“Be there as a pardonned sinner who has found peace
and rejoices in the merciful love of God.”
C.W.Van Crombrugghe

The spiritual void in our world is real. There is a deep desire in people to find meaning in life, a hunger to make sense of our human experience. We embark on our spiritual quest, an ever-deepening search for a more authentic connection to God and others, wherever we are, in whatever way we serve.

Our Founder’s prayer:
Where shall I turn, O Lord,       
 when I can no longer see you,    
who are the light and the way 
  the beginning and the end of my 
If I keep my eyes steadfastly fixed on you I shall never stray far.
In the overwhelming darkness of
life’s journey I have but to put all my faith and trust in You,                      
O my God.
You alone do I seek,                    
 You alone do I see reflected in all 
The fulfillment of Your will is my
sole desire.
Even when preoccupied with
the innumerable cares of my daily life,  I am still united with You.
Did You but cease to look on me
with love,                                          
 I should be unable to concern     
 myself with even these earthly    
matters and I would sink back into
my very nothingness.
O Lord, always assist me with
Your saving grace.
(Constant Van Crombrugghe
Founder of the
Daughters of Mary and Joseph)