SisterT_Groth_with_Lifers_compressed Teresa Groth, DMJ and
Sister Mary Sean Hodges OP
helping "lifers" re-enter society.


Mission Statement
We, the Daughters of Mary and Joseph are an international community of vowed women religious. We are committed to deepening our relationship with Jesus Christ. This relationship manifests itself as an individual and corporate response to the needs of today's world.
Our mission is to be a compassionate, joyful presence which enables each person to recognize his/her value and dignity. We are dedicated to sharing the merciful love of God with all who experience brokenness and poverty in any form.


To be a DMJ in California, is not about personal enhancement or individual fulfillment, but about mission. It is about "growing in all ways into Christ" (Eph. 4:16) so that the compassion of God might be more fully manifest--through our work and our presence.
In California, we minister in a variety of ways:
Education: Our Sisters are educators of the whole person. In this capacity, they are involved in teaching at  St. Paul the Apostle School, Westwood; St. Augustine School, Culver City;
Presentation Learning Center 

Pastoral Ministry: St. Augustine, Culver City; and the Mary & Joseph Retreat Center, Palos Verdes.

Healing Ministry: Our Sisters work as therapists–physical, spiritual and psychological. They accompany others through prayer, 12 step recovery programs, caregivers, letter writing and food pantries.

Ministry to the poor: Delivering food to Casa de Los Pobles, Tijuana, Mexico;