On 14 October 2017, thirty-six of us, former and present dmj, gathered overnight at Mount Saint Anne's ( to celebrate our bi-centenary. After meeting and greeting over refreshments, the group then came together for a ritual of reflection, prayer and sharing. Click here for more

UGANDA CELEBRATES THE 200 YEARS OF THE FOUNDATION OF THE CONGREGATION, 50 YEARS OF RELIGIOUS CONSECRATION OF SISTER JOSEPHINE BEEBWA AND 25 YEARS OF RELIGIOUS CONSECRATION OF SISTER HEDWIG BIRAKWATE. On 26th August, Nyamitanga Cathedral was the place of Spiritual renewal and energy boosting for many people especially the DMJs.  After Mass, people made their way to the DMJ Emmaus Community for a well prepared meal and refreshments, followed by entertainments with dances and speeches. Many people had been involved in the preparations of this day and really their efforts were rewarded by the success of the day. Click here for more

Celebration in Burundi
On the Saturday 27th May 2017 was celebrated at Ngozi in Burundi our jubilee of 200 years of foundation. The feast started in Ngozi Cathedral. During the procession the photo of our founder was carried by Sister Patricia Pearson, and the Constitutions by Christine Ntibarutaye; four sisters followed them carrying candles symbolizing the Congregation and the three continents where we are present : Europe, America and Africa.

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Pilgrimage April 2017
The Video of the whole experience can be watched online.



Aalst 19 March
A small word to share with you the news of the celebration that took place in Aalst on Sunday 19th March 2017.  This was a joint celebration by representatives of the four congregations founded by Canon Constant William Van Crombrugghe.  Srs. Agnès Charles, Emma Portael and Marie-Antoinette Beel  represented the DMJ on the organising committee.
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