OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhere shall I turn O Lord,
when I can no longer see You,
who are the Light and the Way,
the beginning and the end of my existence?
If I keep my gaze steadfastly fixed on You
I shall never stray far.
In the overwhelming darkness of life's journey
I have but to put all my faith and trust in You, O my God.
You alone do I seek,
You alone do I see reflected in all creation.
The fulfillment of your will is my sole desire.
Even when preoccupied with the innumerable cares of my daily life,
I am still united with You.
Did You but cease to look on me with love,
I should be unable to concern myself with even these earthly matters,
and I should sink back into my very nothingness.
O Lord, always assist me with your saving grace.
Constant W. van Crombrugghe
Founder of the Daughters of Mary and Joseph